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review8 best covers for car seats

8 best covers for car seats

8 best covers for car seats.

You want to keep your cabin clean and in pristine condition? The seat cover for you to help! In this review we have collected the best power covers for car seats with anatomic base and conventional pads that protect against water and dirt.

What kind of covers for car seats is better to buy.

There are three types of covers: universal covers for all car seats, model covers are designed for seats of a certain brand and series, and there are also ordinary covers.

The first two types can not only decorate the car interior, but also improve comfort through foam inserts. And the overlays just protect against dirt, although also presented in a wide range – from cheap raincoats, to expensive fur and leather products.

The differences are not limited to cut and fastening methods. Upholstery materials are also quite diverse and have both pros and cons:

Velvet (plush) and velvet – a pleasant touch, great disguise light pollution, easy to clean and washable in the machine. The disadvantages of these materials include electrification and dust attraction, well, not every “interior” car they will fit. Alcantara or synthetic suede has advantages of velvet, looks great, resistant to wear, suitable for summer and winter. The disadvantage – the high price. Velour – a common material. Gentle, soft, comfortable, but needs a spicy wash. Jacquard – the fabric is common and cool, gives the cabin a cheap look. But it is durable, comfortable, does not electrify and is easy to clean. Polyester is cheap and does not absorb water. Identical to jacquard, but it accumulates static tension. Natural fur and sheepskin (Mouton) – comfortable winter “coat” that can both beautify the cabin and spoil it. Choose fur covers should be meticulously and tastefully, without forgetting about the spicy care. Leather (natural and artificial) is durable, impermeable to water, can be cleaned with a moistened napkin, but in the cold it freezes and becomes very rough, and in the sun – warm.

The best universal seat covers.

The selection includes universal size seat covers with different equipment, design and type of upholstery.

PTIALINA from Spanish to English

The different colors will make the cabin stylish, well-groomed and protect the “native” fabric seats from burning and dirt. The only disadvantage of these models is the need to adjust the fixation of the product.

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