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Giorgio Armani Watches in UgandaGiorgio Armani Watches in Uganda

Giorgio Armani Watches in Uganda

Giorgio Armani Watches in Uganda
Giorgio Armani Watches in Uganda
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If Giorgio Armani had fulfilled his childhood dream, the world would have acquired another good doctor. And I would have lost a talented designer. One day you should reconsider your desires, because fate can prepare an equally interesting, but more eventful path. The watchmaker Emporio Armani did not immediately find his calling. But he plucked up the courage to turn out of his way.
The trendsetter is more than 80 years old, and the enthusiasm and ideas will last for another 200 years. He was born in 1934 in the city of Piacenza in northern Italy. He grew up with his brother and sister, was brought up mainly by his mother, while his father earned a living for a large family. There was a lot of art in Giorgio’s life – parents tried to develop their children to the maximum, took them to the theater and cinema. It was the images on the screen that largely influenced Armani’s worldview and aesthetic taste.
The story is not trivial. Although at first the guy did not dream of fashion shows and new collections. Inspired by the book Citadel, Giorgio dreams of healing people. And even enters the medical faculty in Bologna. But he realizes in time that reality is different from the book and medical practice does not at all seduce Armani. He goes to the army, after demobilization he works as an auxiliary worker in an ordinary supermarket. An intelligent guy is promoted several times: Giorgio Armani Watches in Uganda
Giorgio will cut and sew men’s suits for the next six years. Then he himself begins to create variations of pants and tuxedos. Since 1970, Armani has gradually become an independent stylist.
In 1974, the first line of clothing was released.
A year later, a company opens under the name of the designer.
In the 80s of the last century, Armani is already a famous stylist. He has two lines in his arsenal: just Armani and Collezioni. They are designed for the wealthy public, for which it is important to look dignified. But Giorgio understands that the younger generation is developing their own tastes, different from those of their parents, and one simply cannot miss the opportunity to add a pinch of democracy to the classic regularity of stylish Italian life. This is how the Emporio Armani offshoot was born. The stylist is not shy and directly declares his intentions to build an empire.
The Swiss watch Armani Emporio appears in 1997. And they are becoming even more popular than clothing, underwear or other accessories. The designer said that his models were created as an accessory to a business suit. Here are just for people who prefer simple everyday style: jeans, sneakers, T-shirt. Emporio Armani watches are sold both in the brand’s stores and in licensed watch stores.
There are five collections of wristwatches in total. For men:
One of the first collections was Emporio Armani Orologi. Discreet and stylish, it reflects the essence of the Emporio Armani luxury watch. No bright colors or unusual shapes. Only discreet gray, black, blue or brown tones. The dial can be made in dark or gold color.
The stylist himself said about this series that he created watches for those people who understand styles, but can listen to themselves, and not to the dictates of fashion. And in principle, these watches are suitable for those who want to emphasize nobility and non-pretentiousness.
The original Emporio Armani watches are divided into collections depending on the style.
So, the Classic collection? This is a men’s watch for lovers of office style. During negotiations, during an important meeting or an official event, they will look extremely appropriate. Some models are completed with cufflinks to match the device.