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Hard-Paper Play CardsHard-Paper Play Cards

Hard-Paper Play Cards

Hard-Paper Play Cards
Hard-Paper Play Cards

Graf cards are printed from the ground up in plain plastic and are hand-cut, printed with a special brush to create the typeface-lined versions of the cards. The “Jig” logo is printed on the back of foil. Paper plays are printed on the box as if to be sent to your front door


There are two main ways how you play a card:

Take out and replace a card to add to your collection with other cards and store them in a cardboard box.


Gather cards from scrapbooks using the “M-10” cardstock you got when you first started and try to figure out a way to get the cards into the mold you plan to hold with the next set. https://jiji.ug/kampala/books-and-games/hard-paper-play-cards-5jPznAeDRSd8R29LOwy87L5u.html
You can find many different ways to make cardstock for any size, colors or patterns. We also have quite a few of your favorite styles. We use custom art printed from one of our stock pieces for this.

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