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reviewNissan Pathfinder (Nissan Pathfinder)

Nissan Pathfinder (Nissan Pathfinder)

Nissan Pathfinder (Nissan Pathfinder)

Now the new Nissan Pathfinder two thousand and seventeen is in the finalization stage. The first model of the Japanese developers showed to the world 30 years ago. By 2012 the car was considered a medium-sized jeep. Already later we learned the car as a real crossover, and since two thousand fourteen years, the fourth line of the model came out. Nissan makes a huge number of models now and the Pathfinder is something in between the Murano and the Armada. A significant restyling of the seven-seat crossover is expected, and it will have a personable exterior, high-quality interior, improved engine and suspension.

Nissan Pathfinder 2017 Appearance.

If we start talking about the newest model of the car, then it is impossible not to see that the car corresponds to its own name and is a typical pioneer in terms of design. The 5th crossover of the line has a reincarnated body.

Configurations in the model Pathfinder occurred local, they first affected the front of the hood, as well as new headlights, which will have a colorful LED lights. Changed and the grille, made in a V-shaped form, the bumper is much more massive and has other fog lights that fit the new look of the car. They are located on the car so that a little noticeable, obviously over time you can get used to similar innovations. With regard to the same lights, the task of developers was to make them better outside, but molovyat that engineers have tried and absolutely cardinally change this nuance, in addition the lights have become more large.

It is impossible not to see the other rearview mirrors with integrated turn signal indicators, changed the style of disks, the lights were stuffed with LED lights, and there is an auto upgraded rear buffer, which has become larger in size. The trunk now has an innovation in the form of an electronic drive which has the function of opening the door without touching, but only a waving of the feet below the bumper.

On the one hand, restyling Nissan Pathfinder two thousand seventeen received only a few innovations, but all this car looks just luxurious, due to the more aggressive body of the car began to look more massive, and now it is really noticeable that there is a futuristic in the fifth part of the well-known crossover.

The interior of the new 2017 Nissan Pathfinder.

The interior of the car looks even cooler than the exterior. First, the auto has more space, which is properly sensible, because the crossover itself has gotten bigger. The developers promise upholstery of the salon with higher quality materials, also innovative equipment, which will be stuffed with different technologies. Though we did not see much in the way of pictures, but we hope it is not 100% finalized version of the car yet.

Experts also distinguish that inside the car successfully picked up a color palette, and about versatility there will be no special questions to the developers.Innovations in the interior may not be visible to someone at once, unlike the exterior, but they have not gone anywhere. All motorists who want to buy a model can be sure that they will get a multifunctional screen Drive-Assist on the control panel, multimedia with eight-inch detector, climat-control for three zones, the newest stereo system, seats in the first row, owning electric control, rear seats will have heating and navigation function, the car is built into the rear view camera, and the ability to fully see what is happening with four additional cameras. Noise isolation is also better, now you can be sure that nothing will distract you while driving. In terms of security the car has four systems that will watch all the twists and turns around you.

If we talk about more innovations, it should be noted the latest system, which indicates the whole panorama of events around, as already mentioned will be electric opening luggage compartment, the car will be thirteen speakers, which will cover the perimeter of the cabin and together form a strong system of Base. Among the options will be built-in USB and Bluetooth. Navigation system will be made according to the wishes of customers, which they expressed earlier.

Technology and the cost of the Nissan Pathfinder.

Even taking into account the fact that the car has increased in size, it has become even lighter. Due to the fact that the car has lost about two hundred and 30 kilograms, it became more agile and high-speed.

The new Nissan Pathfinder car got a new, much improved gasoline engine under the body. When developing the engine has had many of the newest parts and technical equipment, which increase the power of the engine and give the opportunity to consume as much energy at higher cranking. The engine has the newest combustion chamber, pistons, mirrors, cylinder walls, the newest system of gas intake and exhaust as well as other programming concerning motor control.

The result is that the engine will be three and a half liters and squeeze out two hundred and eighty-four horsepower, which is even better than the previous version. The gearbox will be automatic with a choice of gears. The steering and the suspension of the new crossover have also become better. The steering wheel has other adjustments, which allow you to increase the sensitivity by eleven percent, compared to the previous model when it rotates. The rear suspension and springs are now seven and twenty-five percent stiffer, respectively. These innovations have had a very positive impact on the balance of the car on the road, now he will lose the previous rocking in the back of the car.

It’s no secret that the cost of the new Nissan Pathfinder two thousand and seventeen will increase slightly, taking into account all of its configuration. It is expected that in showrooms in North America, the model will appear this fall, and the price of a refreshed crossover will range from 30 and a half to 30 9 and a half thousand bucks, this figure is something more than the cost of the previous version of the model. In the Russian market, experts believe the price of the car at the level of two to three and a half million rubles, most likely exactly how much Russian car owners will have to pay for the new crossover.

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